The clinicians at NYCCPS are highly trained New York State licensed psychologists who specialize in pediatric neuropsychology and assessment. We have extensive experience evaluating, diagnosing, and working with children & adolescents with a variety of issues, including: ADHD, Autism, complex learning difficulties, speech-language disorders, social-emotional & behavioral difficulties and medical/neurological conditions.

We work with families to help answer important questions about what is interfering with your child's learning & development. We believe that evaluations reveal the unique strengths that every child has, which we can then use to target interventions and help them reach their fullest potential. Bilingual evaluations in Spanish & Farsi are available.

Assessment Services

  • Psychological/Neuropsychological Evaluation
    • Psychological & Neuropsychological testing is the most comprehensive method of assessment available to identify cognitive and learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as diagnose psychological problems.
  • Educational Planning/Placement
    • Educational planning often follows a comprehensive evaluation and offers insight and recommendations for school-based accommodations. Additionally, recommendations for school placements are made when necessary.
  • SAT/ACT Accommodation Information
    • Receiving accommodations on standardized tests requires testing as well as historical documentation of learning difficulties. Our practice offers various types of assessment for "high-stakes" testing accommodations, including comprehensive and express testing.
  • Child Therapy & Parent Training
    • Our practice  utilizes child centered play therapy with children struggling with a variety of emotional & behavioral issues. Play therapy is a useful tool to assist children in safely exploring and communicating their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, we work closely with parents to tailor treatment to each family's unique situation, as well as provide guidance and developmentally appropriate training, when necessary.
  • Referral Services
    • During the feedback session we provide families with a detailed set of recommendations, including any additional services or treatment that may benefit your child.
    • Following the completion of the evaluation we offer families ongoing support in obtaining services.