Dr. Brittany Webber is the owner of NYCCPS. She received a doctorate in combined School-Clinical Child Psychology and has extensive training in Parent-Infant Mental Health & Trauma. Dr. Webber specializes in working with infants through school aged children with a range of psychological and/or neuropsychological issues, as well as their families. Her experience includes working with children with developmental delays, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Additionally, she works with children and families who have experienced trauma, divorce, remarriage, adoption and other family issues. Dr. Webber has extensive experience working in a therapeutic preschool alongside a variety of developmental specialists. She is very familiar with the EI/CPSE/CSE process and can offer advice regarding IFSP/IEP development and school placement. She also works with parents to increase their ability to advocate for their children.


Dr. Susan Kozelka received a doctorate in School Psychology from Fordham University and is a licensed neuropsychologist and nationally certified school psychologist. Dr. Kozelka has completed extensive training in Pediatric Neuropyschology, including a post-doctoral fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center’s PROMISE program. She has held previous positions at NYU Child Study Center, Brooklyn Learning Center, and private practices, and serves as a consultant for her professional peers. She provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, including highly specific recommendations, to individuals with complex learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and medical/neurological conditions. Additionally, Dr. Kozelka has a background in special education, previously serving as a teaching assistant in the Chicagoland area.


Dr. Jackie Russo received a doctorate in School-Clinical Child Psychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Russo has received extensive training in neuropsychology at the NYU Child Study Center’s Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement and Columbia University Medical Center’s PROMISE program.

In addition to conducting evaluations at New York City Child Psychological Services, Dr. Russo works as a school psychologist in the Pleasantville School District. In this role, she completes comprehensive evaluations of students with learning, behavioral and emotional difficulties to determine the exact nature of their struggles and the appropriate programs and services to meet their needs. Dr. Russo is knowledgeable about the procedures by which children can receive special education supports and Section 504 accommodations. She is highly proficient in Spanish and has experience completing Spanish-language evaluations.